Peer exchange – integration of asylum seekers in Serbia

Jean de Dieu Habarugira, a young man from Burundi and a former beneficiary of the reception center
in Pirot, made a mini tour in centers in Bosilegrad, Divljana and Tutin, with a support of Sigma Plus,
and shared first-hand his experience with the asylum procedure in Serbia. He patiently and in details
provided insight into how to apply for asylum in Serbia, who are the service providers that everyone
on the path to integration can count on, what were the challenges and why he would choose the
same path without thinking. This type of support is intended for asylum seekers in Serbia, as well as
for those who have doubts about what it all looks like in practice, and for those who are
accommodated in reception centers under the jurisdiction of the Commissariat for Refugees and
Migration of the Republic of Serbia.