Integration Corner with the Library (IKB) in Bosilegrad

Integration Corner with the Library (IKB) was officially opened by Sigma Plus and Municipality of Bosilegrad on 25th November 2021. The space is available to young people and adults in Bosilegrad for joint activities of the domicile and migrant population through thematic workshops.

IKB represents our initiative to provide young people and adults with an inclusive cultural and educational lace with the aim f promoting reading, accepting diversity and initiating dialogue in the broadest sense.

In the library, there are titles in Serbian, English, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Italian, French, Arabic and Russian – donations from numerous individuals, UNHCR Serbia, Delfi Bookstore, but also the embassies of Algeria and Angola, Italian cultural centre in Belgrade, American Corner in Bujanovac.

We thank the representatives of the municipality of Bosilegrad, UNHCR Serbia, Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, people accommodated in reception center Bosilegrad, the locals and partner organizations with whom we opened IKB together..

IKB has started working!