A gift to the Safe House in Vranje from refugee women from Ukraine

Sixteen days of activism against gender-based violence are underway. It is important that we as a society do not turn our heads away from violence, but rather face it and help the victims of violence to regain power over their lives.

Oksana, Marina, Katarina, Tetjana, Ljudmila, Elvira, Milica, Tetjana, Marijana and Beba have woven their strength, optimism, support and most sincere wishes for all women and girls to discover their superpower in the blanket of friendship.

Mrs. Ivana Tasić, the director of The Center for the Development of Local Social Protection Services Vranje, who works selflessly with her team to protect and empower women who are victims of violence and human trafficking, received a gift – Blanket of friendship, made by Ukrainian women for the women in Safe House Vranje.