Over the years we have met people from Kosovo territory, Croatia and Burundi, Syria and Afghanistan, Somalia and Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine, Iran and many other countries. Their stories and destinies cause joy and sadness at the same time. Stories about men, women and children who have lost their homes and found them hundreds and thousands of kilometres away, here in Serbia. Their stories inspire, motivate and encourage, but also remind that we always need each other.

In the last 20 years, our beneficiaries have been refugees from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, internally displaced persons from Kosovo, as well as migrants and asylum seekers from third countries.

Following the vision of a society of citizens who are aware of their rights and who respect the rights of others, and citizens who actively use their own capacity to develop fair and legal state for over a two decades we have been striving to reach as many as possible marginalized individuals and groups and provide help and different types of support.

NGO Sigma Plus firmly believe in (our) mission of developing a positive environment in which all citizens are provided with equal opportunities through education, promotion of democracy and strengthening civic awareness.

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